Recycling constitutes the core of AMA Recycling’s production.
AMA Recycling actively contributes towards the development of a new and
modern future, oriented towards sustainability and
respect for the environment, through the recycling of one of our planet’s
precious resources: ALUMINUM.

The process is carried out by the best technologies in order to ensure a
product that transforms without an environmental footprint for the following
generations, in view of civic responsibility by providing our contribution to improve the quality of life.


AMA Recycling specializes in parent, primary and secondary aluminum alloys,
by recycling a wide variety of aluminum scraps.


Thanks to our ability to adapt to the ever-evolving market requirements,
we are capable of producing special aluminum alloys as well, based on
the customized requirements of our clients.


In the recycling process, the economy and ecology are closely linked together.
Thanks to modern technology, each element is recovered and reassessed, thus saving energy, controlling costs and protecting natural resources.